Fiji’s fisheries action commended by FFA

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By Aliki Bia, Pacificmedia@WCPFC13

Fisheries Forum Agencies Director General James Movick commended Fiji’s effort of being a member of FFA.
Movick says Fiji has been a very effective and good member of FFA and has taken a lead role in compliance and support.
“They have been very responsible and in fact one of the leading countries in ensuring that your compliance with international exports standards and they have taken a lead in a number of areas associated with that”
Movick says FFA is pleased that one of the top priorities of the Fisheries Ministry is to ensure the sustainable operation of one of our canneries.

Movick has also highlighted Fiji’s partnership with other Pacific Island Countries in terms of surveillance.

Understanding the Pacific fisheries roadmap

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Pacific leaders endorsed a new 10 year roadmap for sustainable fisheries at their annual meeting in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea in 2015.

What does the roadmap mean to Pacific islanders?

There are four ambitious targets within the 10 year time frame set out by the Leaders of the 16 members of the Pacific Islands Forum.

Leaders want sustainability and they have set reference target of three years for the major stock.

They want to double the value of the catch to the Pacific Islands within the ten year period.

They want to see the doubling of number of people employed in the fisheries sector.

The fourth target is to increase the supply of tuna for domestic consumption in the region by 40,000 tonnes per year by 2024.


Overfishing affecting marine ecosystems

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Pacific Bluefin has been fished down to just 2.6% of its unfished population and Bigeye tuna to 16%.

North Pacific striped marlin has been in a poor state for over 30 years.

South Pacific Albacore continues to decline and the persistently low and declining average catch rates are likely to continue. This undermines vessel profitability and may force some operators out of the fishery

Tuna being prepared for export from Palau to Japan
Tuna being prepared for export from Palau to Japan

Survey shows focus on tuna stocks

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A survey of people interested in Pacific fisheries shows that 92% were most interested to find out more about tuna stocks in the Pacific.

97 people completed a survey about a new website being developed by the Oceanic Fisheries Management project.

The next topic of interest was finding out about fishing catch statistics.

Catching tuna in the Pacific (Photo: SPC)
Catching tuna in the Pacific (Photo: SPC)